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#72699 Little People School Bus
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Description: Fisher-Price introduced this school bus set in celebration of the Little People 40th Anniversary. The first Little People set ever made by Fisher-Price was 1959's #983 Safety School Bus. The new bus was designed with features from the #983 in mind, such as the bus eyes move up and down and the passengers bounce in their seat when the bus rolls. The bus door opens, and the stop sign flips in and out. Unlike the #983, the new bus has a wheel chair ramp on the back.

The color, lithos, and design of the new bus is a refreshing change from the dull and slightly ugly #72372 School Bus (discontinued in 1998). The new bus has a blue base, yellow top, and a blue interior with red seats. The front has a happy smiling face with eyes that roll. The lithos on the sides have brightly colored balloons and kites with long tails.

  • FPT13510 - Yellow school bus with a blue base, blue interior, red seats, and brightly colored balloon and kite lithos on the sides. The bus eyes move up and down as the bus rolls. The back door folds down to double as a wheelchair ramp.
  • FPT13511 - Aqua-green wheelchair with 2 large yellow wheels.
  • 4 Little People Figures:
    1. FPT4761 - Girl wears a yellow raincoat with 2 grey buckles in front, a yellow rain hat, red glasses, and red rainboots. She carries a green backpack.
    2. FPT4757 - African-American girl wears a white shirt under purple overall straps. She has a red heart on her chest pocket and holds an apple in her hand. This girl has been seen both as Afro-American and as Caucasian, see "Variations" below.
    3. FPT4707 - Boy wears a grey hooded sweatshirt with yellow drawstrings, blue pants with a slingshot in his pocket., and white shoes. He has red hair, red freckles and a mad expression on his face.
    4. FPT4713 - Hispanic bus driver wearing a light purple shirt with a purple-blue tie, a grey cap and grey pants with a black belt, and black shoes.
  • FPT4758 - The girl who wears purple overalls has also been seen as Caucasian.
  • FPT13512 - The wheelchair has also been seen in purple with 2 large yellow wheels..
Other Information:
  • FP72699BOX1999 (Box ONLY) - This set was sold in an open display box.
  • FP72699SET1999 - Complete set in original open display box. WFL: 07-AE-19-5-A.
  • This set replaced 1992-1998's #2372 / #72372 School Bus.
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