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#74824 Cooking Fun
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Description: This set includes food products and small kitchen appliances for doll houses. This set can be used alone, or as accessories for the #74649 Loving Family Doll House, or the #74002 Loving Family Doll House African-American. Designed for children ages 3 years and older.
  • FPT14208 - Green and white rectangular base with kitchen appliances attached together: a pop up toaster and a flip-top blender. The toaster is green with a red handle on the side that pushes down a brown piece of toast. The blender is yellow with a silver beater. The blender lifts and lowers into a round white bowl.
  • FPT14209 - Green spice rack/shelf. The rack has a shelf with a paper litho above the shelf. The litho has a picture of apples, pears, cherries, and hearts on yellow and white checkerboards. The top of the rack is rounded with 2 pegs that stick out. The bottom of the rack has a rectangular piece that is not as wide as the rest of the rack.
  • FPT14210 - Silver rectangular cookie tray with 4 light brown chocolate chip cookies that have dark brown chocolate chips on top. The tray has an attached spatula with a red handle.
  • FPT14211 - Square light brown hard plastic pizza box with a flip open lid and a molded pizza inside. The top of the pizza box has a paper litho with a picture of a chef wearing a white chef's hat holding a large piece of pizza.
  • FPT14212 - Copper pots attached together. One is a frying pan with yellow and white fried eggs and a red handle spatula. The other is a soup pot that has a cooper spoon inside.
  • 2 each - FPT14213 - Round yellow plate with a paper litho on top with a picture of a piece of pizza on a yellow background. There is an attached yellow cup on one side, and an attached rolled green napkin on the other side that has a round blue napkin holder.
Variations: None.
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