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#72766 Little People Home Sweet Home
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Description: The Home Sweet Home set replaced the #72511 Little People House. Both sets use similar accessories and figures, and the house itself is basically the same. The upgrade for the Home Sweet Home set is that is has an added accessory, a baby's cradle and changing table that plays a lullaby and makes nursery sounds.

The house has a green base, blueish-purple roof, a hot pink front and back door, and pink window frames around the front windows. The inside has a kitchen with a refrigerator door that really opens, a bathroom with a toilet seat that lifts, a living room, bedroom, and 3rd story nursery. Designed for children ages 1-1/2 years and older.

  • White house with a blue roof and aqua-green base. The house opens to reveal 2 halves, one half is a 2-story section and the other half is 3-stories high. There is a red front door with a yellow push-button door bell and a hot pink back door beside an attached doghouse. The half with 2 stories has a built-in kitchen with a yellow back wall, and a white refridgerator door that opens. The 2nd story has a bedroom with a light purple floor. The 3-story half has a blue bathroom on the 2nd story that has a molded tub, sink, and toilet. The toilet has a flip-up lid. The third story is a small attic with an arched sunroof and a light purple floor.
  • White cradle/changing table unit that has a pink cradle bed with white and yellow blankets inside, and a changing table with a button on top that plays Brahms' lullaby and makes nursery sounds. This piece requires 3 AAA-size alkaline batteries (not included).
  • Pink baby carriage that rolls on 4 pink wheels with a small built-in canopy.
  • Pink high chair with a built-in tray on the front.
  • 2 each - Round white chairs with a high backrest on the back.
  • Round white table with 4 round white support legs.
  • 2 pink beds with molded pillows and comforter.
  • Little People figures:
    1. FPT4710 - John the dad - Man wih brown hair wearing turquoise eyeglasses. He wears a purple sweater vest over a light purple shirt and a red tie. Wears light brown pants and dark brown shoes.
    2. FPT4765 - Linda the mommie - Woman with brown hair wearing pink earrings, a yellow jacket with a purple heart on her chest, and a green shirt under her jacket. Also wears a pink skirt and purple shoes.
    3. FPT4661 - Baby Ashley - Baby dressed in a hooded blue sleeper holding a pink teddy bear.
Variations: None.
Other Information:
  • FPT13860 - Specially marked boxes were sold with a book and a movie cassette. The book is titled "A Busy Day at Jack's Garage". The video is titled "Little People Volume 1 Big Discoveries", featuring clay-like Little People figures starring in skits such as "Michael & the Corn Field", "Sonya Lee's Day at the Zoo", and more!
  • FP72766SET1999 - Complete set sold in original box. WFL: BW.
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