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#72753 Little People Big Top Train
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Description: The Little People Circus Train set has survived many years of change, from the original Little People (#991), through the Chunky Little People line (#2373), and even to the current Little People line (#72373), but the Little People Big Top Train set is a step above them all. Each car has a special circus activity that is sure to delight children. The train engine boiler tuns into a daredevil cannon, the car behind the engine flips out to a tramopline and has a spinning center ring that plays circus music, the caboose has an attached highwire ladder with a swinging trapeze on the end. The fun doesn't stop with the train itself, this set also comes with lots of delightful accessories, such as a unicycle, balancing beam, and Little People circus characters. Requires 3 AA-size batteries (not included). Designed for children ages 1-1/2 years and older.
  • Train
    1. FPT13838 - The engine and 2nd car are attached. It has an orange base and rolls on 8 blue wheels. The engine has a 1-seat cab, a red boiler with blue around the smoke stack rim that folds dowm to make a daredevil cannon. When child pushes a button in the smokestack, the cannon will really send one of the Little People characters flying! The 2nd car has a red top that folds down to become a trampoline that really bounces. Beside the trampoline, the accessory center ring spins and plays circus music (LP figure fits on top of the center ring). As the music plays, an accessory U-shape with a blue unicycle on top sways back and forth.
    2. FPT13839 - Red circus caboose with an orange base that rolls on 4 blue wheels. This caboose has a yellow and orange tent-like roof and a blue ladder on the roof that folds up and out. The ladder has a swinging trapeze on the end with a place to attach one of the accessory Little People figures.
  • Circus props:
    1. FPT13840 - Small round blue center ring (fits on the 2nd train car and revolves).
    2. FPT13841 - Blue hoop for animals to jump through. The hoop has stars embedded on the sides.
    3. FPT13842 - Green U-shape with a blue unicycle on top that attaches to the 2nd train car and sways from side to side.
    4. FPT13843 - Yellow fold-out balancing beam (folds 4 times).
    5. FPT13844 - Red unicycle (wheel does not spin).
  • Little People figures:
    1. FPT4732 - Eddie the ringmaster - Wears a blue tuxedo jacket over a red shirt with an orange bow tie. He has a green frog in his pocket and a silver whistle in his hand. Wears a blue tophat, white gloves, black pants, and black shoes.
    2. FPT4632 - Circus Lion - Orange lion with a yellow mane propped up on his back legs. He wears a red and blue circus ornament on his forehead.
    3. FPT4634 - Circus monkey - Brown monkey with a tan face and tummy. He has pink inner ears and pink sections on the inside of his hands. He wears a green pilots cap with orange goggles and a purple tanktop with a yellow star on the chest.
Variations: None.
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