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#72693 Little People Fun Sounds Garage
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Description: The first Little People garage was introduced in 1970 with the #930 Play Family Garage. The #930 was replaced in 1986 with #2504 Play Family Garage, the main difference was that the ramp is red opposed to the #930 white ramp. By 1986, the #2504 became all plastic (opposed to a masonite base), and the ramp color changed to blue. Then in 1991, the base was modified to fit the Chunky Little People figures for the #2553. The garage base maintained a basic form through all of these years until 1995 when the #2393 was introduced with 4 levels and more ramps. The #2393 was changed to #72393 and carried on from the Chunky to Current Little People line. Finally, in 1999 the garage received a total face lift and added features, including a car wash, service center, a dinging gas pump, and lots of fun sounds. These fun sounds and activities keep children entertained for hours! Requires 3 AAA-size alkaline batteries. Designed for children ages 1-1/2 years and older.
  • FPT16925 - Garage elevator with a dark grey base and a speakled grey elevator shaft. The elevator has 3 levels, 4 considering the roof floor. The shaft has a gas pump on the bottom floor with an orange knob that makes a sound when pushed. The bottom floor also has a service center with 4 knobs that make sounds when pressed. The 2nd floor has a small balcony and an orange button shaped like a cash register that makes a "ching-ching" sound when pressed. The 3rd floor balcony has an orange payphone that rings when pressed.
  • FPT16926 - Garage ramps (2 levels), car wash, and service station. The lower level has a dark grey rectangular base with an enclosed service station area on one end and a yellow rectangular roadway on top. The roadway has a car wash on one end with orange felt material that hangs down from the top level road way. The top roadway is supported via red support legs. WFL: BW
  • *NOTE: The garage base was originally packaged in parts, requiring a small amount of assembly. The parts are as follows:
    1. FPT13848 - Decal sheet.
    2. FPT13849 - Grey base (ramp base) with a yellow road ramp above it.
    3. FPT13850 - Ramp top floor (yellow ramp supported by red posts) with blue car wash washers hanging down on one end. This piece fits above the ramp base mentioned above.
    4. FPT13851 - Grey 3 floor elevator shaft (flat roof makes 4th floor).
    5. 2 each - FPT13852 - Yellow balconies, these attach to the outside of the 2nd and 3rd levels of the elevator shaft.
    6. FPT13853 - Long red ramp with a secret door that allows passengers on the 2nd level to go down the ramp as well.
    7. FPT13854 - Orange secret door knob (attaches to the side of the red ramp mentioned above).
    8. FPT13855 - Yellow car wash gate (attached to the grey ramp base).
    9. FPT13856 - Green plastic car lift (attached to the grey ramp base).
    10. FPT13857 - Yellow carlift threshold.
    11. FPT13858 - Orange carlift knob.
  • FPT13859 - Blue 1-seat car.
  • Little People figures:
    1. FPT4729 - Jack - Male mechanic that wears a blue jumpsuit with a yellow dot on his chest. He has a white rag hanging out of one of his back pockets and a silver wrench hanging out of the other. He has brown hair, a brown moustache, and wears a red baseball cap backwards.
    2. FPT4756 - Sonya Lee - Asian girl with black hair, a pink headband, a white shirt under pink suspender straps, a pink skirt, black shoes, and white socks with ruffles.
Variations: None.
Other Information:
  • FP72693VSET1999 - Complete set in a specially marked box with a book and a movie cassette. The book is titled "A Busy Day at Jack's Garage". The video is titled "Little People Volume 1 Big Discoveries", featuring clay-like Little People figures starring in skits such as "Michael & the Corn Field", "Sonya Lee's Day at the Zoo", and more! WFL: BW
  • FP72693SET1999 - Complete set in original box (no video) WFL: BW
  • Individually packaged sets with more cars, people, and road signs were sold for this set in #72725 Little People Fun Sounds Garage Accessory Assortment.
  • This set replaced 1995-1998's #2393 Action Ramps Garage.
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