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#72653 Little People Christmas Suprise -1998 Christmas Collectible
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Fisher-Price Toy Department
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Description: Christmas morning is quite a suprise with this Little People set. The set comes with a red chimney that the accessory Santa Claus figure can drop down into, two Little People children, a puppy on a pillow and two gift boxes! Designed for children ages 1-1/2 to 5 years old.
  • FPT4721 - Santa Claus - Santa wears a red hat with white trim, has white hair, white moustache and beard, a red suit with white trim, yellow button on front, black boots, and carries a brown sack of toys.
  • FPT4719 - Boy - Boy with blonde hair, wearing red pajamas with two green buttons on front, and brown "reindeer" slippers.
  • FPT4753 - Girl - Girl with blonde hair wearing a white nightgown with a pink and green bow on her chest, and pink "fuzzy" slippers.
  • FPT4618 - Puppy on a pillow - White puppy dog propped up on a red ball. He is attached to a purple pillow. The gift boxes that comes with the Christmas Suprise set fits over the puppy and pillow.
  • Two gift boxes. Both boxes are hollow and open on the bottom. Either box can cover the puppy on the pillow.
    1. FPT6245 - Large red box with a green molded bow on top.
    2. FPT6246 - Small green box with red molded ribbon and molded green holly leaves and red berries on top.
  • FPT6247 - Red brick-simulated chimney with a hole in the top that Santa fits through. The front of the chimney id decorated with a wreath, a stocking on both sides, two candles on the mantel, and an attached Christmas tree on the side.
Variations: None.
Other Information:
  • Sold only during the Christmas 1998 season.
  • FPT6248 - This set was sold on a 10-1/4" wide, 8-1/2" high blister card.
  • FPT6249 - A clear plastic inner liner holds the accessory pieces in display position within the blister card.
  • FP72653SET1998 - Complete set in original packaging. WFL: 07-AF-15-0-A.
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