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#7173 Paint Set
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Description: This set allows little painters to paint everything they want without spilling a drop. The Paint Set includes a magic paint roller and a magic paint brush that appear to paint red when used. The set also includes a paint tray that the roller rolls in, a large red paint can, a painter's cap, and a "Wet Paint" sign. All of the accessories store neatly in the paint tray for storage. Designed for children ages 3 to 7 years old.
  • FPT10102 - Blue rectangular paint tray with a carry handle on one end. The handle has a "Fisher-Price" imprint. The tray is wide enough for the accessory paint roller to roll into.
  • FPT10103 - Yellow paint roller with a clear plastic cover that has a red litho behind it that appears to have red paint on the brush. The handle is marked "Fisher-Price".
  • FPT10104 - Blue paint brush with clear plastic bristles. When the brush moves across a surface, a red piece of plastic appears within the bristles to appear as red paint on the bristles. The brush is marked "Fisher-Price" above the bristles.
  • FPT10105 - Red paint can with a hinged silver handle. The can has a litho on the side of a man painting a house roof. The sky behind the house is rainbow colored.
  • FPT10106 - White cardboard "Wet Paint" sign that has a hole shape on the top side so it can hang on a door knob. The sign has a blue border on the edges and marked "Wet Paint" in multi-colored letters.
  • FPT10107 - White cloth child-size painter's hat that has "Fisher-Price" printed in blue above the white plastic bill. Tag sewn inside hat is marked, "©1991, 7173, ASSEMBLED IN U.S.A.".
Variations: None.
Other Information:
  • FP7173BOX1992 (Box ONLY) - Sold in a 12" long, 12" high, 4-1/2" deep box. WFL: 07-AG-23-1-A
  • FP7173SET1992 - Complete set sold in original box.
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