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#7050 Gummi Bear Hardboard Puzzles
Years Made:
Fisher-Price Toy Department
Department 3:
Games & Puzzles
Description: This is an assortment of individually packaged Gummi Bears Puzzles that were sold to retail stores for resale. The 12-piece assortment contains 9 different puzzles with Gummi Bear pictures on them. Each puzzle came with a hardwood tray and 10 puzzle pieces. Designed for children ages 2 to 6 years old. ©Walt Disney Productions.
Accessories: 12-piece assortment, 9 different 10-piece puzzles:
  1. Calvin and Calla - Picture of a boy and girl, Calvil and Calla, walking up a hill. Both a human cartoon figures. Calvin wears a yellow long-sleeve loose turtle neck shirt under a dark green vest-thing, he also wears yellow tights and brown boots. Calla wears a pink dress with white long sleeves, pink shoes, and has a long blonde braided ponytail. Calvin has a large sack on his back and is struggling up the hill. There is a picture of a castle in the background.
  2. Tummi Gummi - Picture of Tummi Gummi (tubby blue Gummi Bear that wears a red hat and an orange long-sleeve shirt). Tummi has a basket full of berries in his hands and is picking more berries.
  3. Cubbi Gummy - Picture of Cubbi Gummi (young purple Gummi Bear wearing a blue hat with a yellow feather, and a red and yellow striped shirt). Cubbi has a small sword in his hands and is bouncing off of a startled turtle's shell.
  4. Quick Tunnel - Picture of Cubbi Gummi Bear and Calvin riding the blue Tunnel Eagle down a dark tunnel.
  5. Zummi Gummi - Picture of Zummi Gummi (older purple Gummi bear that wears a blue and red striped hat, a blue shirt, red cape, and a necklace with a pendant that hasd a "G" in the center). Zummi is reading a giant purple book with yellow pages, and he appears to have a bright idea.
  6. Grammi Gummi - Picture of Grammi Gummi (older orange female Gummi Bear that has red hair, wears a blue hat, and a blue dress with pink sleeves and a pink apron). Grammi is holding up a freshly baked pie as she stands in the kitchen.
  7. Duke Igthorn and Ogre - Duke Igthorn is the Gummi Bear's #1 rival. He has a black moustache and goatee, shifty eyes, and wears a blue hooded suit with a dark blue "vest" and boots. Ogre is Duke Igthorn's muscle monster. He is large, orange, has jagged sharp teeth, and wears a black and red fuzzy barbarian's outfit. Orge has a spear in one hand, and is holding Gruffi Gummi with two fingers with his other hand.
  8. Sunni Gummi - Sunni Gummi is a young yellow female Gummi Bear. She wears a purple short-sleeve shirt/dress with a green belt and green shoes. She is holding her hand up to a beautiful butterfly.
  9. Gruffi Gummi - Gruffi Gummi is a brown Gummi Bear that wears a green hat, and orange shirt with a green belt. Gruffi is standing in front of a tree, and a squirrel in the tree threw a nut on top of Gruffi's head. As always, Gruffi appears aggrivated.
Variations: None.
Other Information: These puzzles are very hard to find.
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