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#557 City
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Description: This is a 12 piece puzzle that has a hardboard tray that the pieces fit into. The tray has a white surface with "Fisher-Price City" in black across the top, and has inlaid sections for the puzzle pieces. The complete puzzle makes a picture of a city. The front has a street with a yellow bus and a red jeep on it, a yellow and red building are behind the bus and a gray, blue, and yellow building is behind the jeep. The center has a city park with a clock tower behind it.
  • FPT2710 - White rectangular pressed wood puzzle board with recessed areas to place puzzle pieces. The puzzle board is marked "Fisher-Price®" in the top left corner and marked "CITY, 557" in the top center.
  • 12 puzzle pieces:
    • FPT2711 - Red jeep.
    • FPT2712 - Yellow flat nose bus.
    • FPT2713 - Blue car.
    • FPT2714 - Tall white building with a red clock tower on the top. The tower has a yellow roof. Has a blue building with a flat top beside the tower.
    • FPT2715 - Park area with green and yellowish-green trees, a small blue pond, and an American flag on a flag post.
    • FPT2716 - Red apartment house building with a decorative flat white roof with a small red chimney on top. The building has 2 white doors on the lower level and 2 rows of white windows on the upper level(s).
    • FPT2717 - Office building with a yellow top half and 3 rows of white windows on the top half.
    • FPT2718 - Grey industrial background buildings (fits over the FPT2717 office building).
    • FPT2719 - Tall red and blue buildings with tree tops near the bottom.
    • FPT2720 - Blue building with a grey base. The grey base has a row of white windows.
    • FPT2721 - Blue long side of building with a black base. The black base has a row of white windows.
    • FPT2722 - Yellow roof that fits over the FPT2720 and FPT2721 blue building.
Variations: None.
Other Information:
  • FPT8135 - Mint (unopened) puzzle set. Measures 11-1/2" wide, 9-1/4" high and 3/8" deep.
  • FP557BOX1974 - (Box ONLY) Sold in display box marked "Fisher-Price".
  • FP557SET1974 - (Complete Set) Complete puzzle set.
  • This puzzle was sold in #595 Basic Hardwood Puzzle Assortment.
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