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#520 Pushy Drummer
Years Made:
Fisher-Price Toy Department
Department 8:
Push, Pull, & Floor Toys

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Description: The Pushy Drummer was voted the "Most Ingenious New Push Toy of the Year" in 1934. This amazing toy soldier "walks" in a professional military manner when pushed. A cord attached to his push stick has a metal ring on the end that can be pulled to make the toy soldier beat a rapid drum roll. The soldier can beat his drum while he is marching and if he is standing still!
  • FPT4270 - Pushy Drummer - Wooden toy soldier with bright four-color lithography on the sides of his body, his chest, and his back of a red band jacket with white stripes and yellow decorations on the chest. Soldier has a round wooden head with a pre-printed face (blue eyes, blue triangular nose, blue eyebrows, and a red line smile mouth. Drummer has a round red wooden hat, red wooden arms, each with a drum stick attached to the hand, and blue wooden legs that marched when Pushy Drummer is pushed. Drummer has a round metal drum attached to the front of his belly. The drum has a red paper lithograph attached to the sides with white X lines on the sides and black around the top and bottom rim. The soldier is attached to a metal frame with 3 red wooden wheels (one in the front, two in the back) and a black wooden hollow knob in the back to connect the removable push stick. A string attached to the soldier and push stick has a round metal ring on the end. When the ring is pulled, the soldier will beat his drum. Measures 12" high, 9" long, 5" wide.
  • FPT4814 - Blue 18" long wooden push stick with a round red wooden knob on one end to prevent accidents and screw threads on the other end to screw into the back frame of the Pushy Drummer.
Variations: None.
Other Information:
  • Original retail price in 1934 was $1.25.
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