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#4508 Hook & Ladder
Years Made:
Fisher-Price Toy Department
Department 7:
Description: This set includes a red and white two-section fire truck. The trailer carries an orange extension ladder that pivots 360 degrees. The trailor also holds the 2 accessory auxiliary ladders that double as extensions for the pivoting ladder. The set also includes a grey spotlight for night-time rescues, a snap-in water nozzle, and a Husky Helper fireman figure. Designed for children ages 3 to 6 years old.

This set was replaced 1979-1984's #319 Hook & Ladder. Both sets include the same 2 ladders and the same figure ('80-84 version). #319's "crome" spotlight and water nozzle were replaced with grey ones in the #4508. The truck and trailor are nearly identical. The difference between the two cabs is that the #319 has gold designed around the words "Fisher-Price" on the cab "doors", while the #4508 has "Fisher-Price" with 3 white lines behind the words on the cab "doors". The #319 trailor has a small litho on the side of electrical dials and gadgets, while the #4508 does not have a litho.

  • FPT3796 - Red fire truck cab with a white base that rolls on 4 black tires with CHROME rims. The cab has a black steering wheel, 2 ORANGE seats for the accessory Husky Helper figure(s), and "Fisher-Price" in white WITH 3 WHITE LINES on the side doors.
  • FPT3797 - Long red firetruck trailer bed. The trailer has an orange pivoting ladder on a white base. The 2 accessory ladders (FPT4804 & FPT4805) double as extensions for this ladder. The back of the trailer has an area to hold the accessory ladders, and areas for the accessory spotlight and water nozzle. The trailer has NO LITHOS.
  • FPT4805 - 10-rung orange auxiliary ladder.
  • FPT4804 - 14-rung orange auxiliary ladder.
  • FPT2087 - Small silver ("Crome") snap-in water nozzle. The nozzle has a peg on the bottom size with a round ball on the end of the peg. The peg can snap on to the #319 Firetruck base on or on firetruck's ladder.
  • FPT2086 - Silver ("Crome") snap-in spotlight with a straight peg base.
  • FPT3776 - Husky Helper fireman figure wearing a red fireman helmet with a white symbol on the front. He also wears a white short-sleeve shirt, dark blue pants, and black boots. He has blonde hair under his helmet and blue dot eyes.
Variations: None.
Other Information:
  • This set was sold in a 19-5/8" long, 8-11/16" high, 5-9/16" deep box.
  • This set replaced 1979-1984's #319 Hook & Ladder.
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