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#368 Alpha Interceptor
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Description: In 1982, Fisher-Price introduced 4 Adventure People Kits. These kits combine the fun of model making with an Adventure Series playset. Each easy-to-make plastic model kit permanently screws together, requiring no glue or paint. Designed for children ages 5 to 9. The Alpha Interceptor is a white and blue 2-part space vehicle, including a platform with engines and seperate cruiser.
  • FPT1663 - Alpha Interceptor Platform/Engine Base - Large white top, blue bottom rectangular spaceship platform with a large hole in the center (to attach the removable FPT1662 Cruiser). The platform has 2 large rectangular "engine pods" (one on each side), a large white rectangular exhaust vent in the back center, and a narrow black strip across the front. Both engine pods have a rectangular hole showing a black molded engine inside, and each have a black litho with blue/white/red boiler and pipes.
    Component list:
    • FPT5830 - Engine lower base BLUE
    • FPT5831 - Engine upper base white
    • FPT5832 - Cruiser lower base BLUE
    • FPT5833 - Cruiser upper base white
    • FPT5834 - Exhaust tips white
    • FPT5835 - Front light bar (?)
    • 2 each - FPT5836 - Black things (?)
    • FPT5838 - Screws
    • FPT1302 - Screw key
  • FPT1662 - Alpha Interceptor Cruiser - White top, blue bottom small white 1-seat space cruiser with an open-top cockpit, black seat inside, blue controls inside, and cut-out window behind cockpit showing blue molded engines. The cruiser's base is disc-shaped to fit within the large hole on the FPT1663 platform.
  • FPT1218 - White hard plastic squiggly space-walk "tether" / Life-support cable is non-flexible. This is the version formed in the shape of a question mark. The "crosses" at the ends face the same way (along the long axis of the tether).
  • FPT1671 - Decal/sticker sheet with decals of various designs that get applied to the space vehicles.
  • FPT1673 - Instructions.
  • FPT1664 - Adventure Series astronaut figure that wears an orange long-sleeve spacesuit with a white backpack that has a "3" on it, he wears a blue skull cap with a clear dome visor that has orange binoculars on front, silver gloves, orange boots with a silver bottom.
Variations: None.
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