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#339 Power & Light Service Rig
Years Made:
Fisher-Price Toy Department
Department 7:
Description: This 7-piece Husky Helper service set includes an open-cab service vehicle with a rotating boom, a seperate service trailor with pretend power knobs and a hole to connect the accessory hose and jackhammer. Also includes pylons, a road sign, and more!
  • Vehicles & Attachments:
    • FPT2133 - Yellow service truck with a white 2-seat open cab and a silver litho on sides that reads, "POWER & LIGHT". The truck also has a blue attached boom that swivels 360 degrees. The boom has a bucket on the end to lift the accessory Husky Helper figure to higher places. Measures 11-3/4" long x 5-5/8" wide x 5-1/2" tall.
    • FPT2135 - Silver ("Crome") snap-in spotlight with a straight peg base. Measures 3-1/4" tall, 1-1/4" wide, 5/8" deep. WFL: 07-AA-03-1-D
    • FPT2138 - Yellow trailer with pretend power knobs, a silver litho on the side with control knobs and dials, and a v-shaped hitch on front that attaches trailer to the back of the service truck. The top of the trailer has a hole to connect the accessory hose and jackhammer.
  • Ladder & Bucket:
    • FPT8377 - Blue plastic bucket that has two "A" arms extending up with outward male pegs (fits into the "C" arm on the FPT8378 ladder); black-and-yellow stripe lithos on sides of bucket. WFL: 07-AA-03-1-C
    • FPT8378 - Blue plastic ladder WITH SLIDING EXTENSION. No "rungs", each section has 3 rectangular slots within a solid "U" channel. Base section has rounded swivel portion with two outward male pegs; sliding end has a large open "C" shape that accepts the FPT8377 Bucket. WFL: 07-AA-03-1-B
  • Tools & Roadway Signs:
    • 2 each - FPT5696 - Two orange plastic cone-shaped roadway warning pylons that are attached together near their base with a thin connector strip.
    • FPT2136 - Orange plastic barricade that is shaped like a sawhorse. The barricade has triangular side support legs and a rectangular bar across the top between the side supports. The top of the bar has two square upright "lights" with a round molded light in the center of the square.
    • FPT2137 - Orange plastic rectangular sign that has a black outlined directional arrow imprint. The sign is supported by two triangular sawhorses (one on each end). The bottom of the sawhorses have a connector beam for support
    • FPT2134 - Small silver/grey plastic jack hammer with a long silver/grey hose attached to the side. The hose can be attached to the service trailor sold in the #339 set. The hammer has a T-shaped handle on the top and a small hexagon-shaped tip on the hammer end.
  • FPT3782 - Husky Helper figure wearing a yellow hardhat with a green short-sleeve shirt, green pants, and black boots. He has brown hair, brown dot eyes, and a large bushy brown moustache.
Variations: None.
Other Information:
  • This set was sold in a 19" long, 13-7/8" high, 5-7/8" deep display box.
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