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#304 The Adventure People and Their Wild Animal Safari
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Description: In 1975, Fisher-Price introduced a new series of toys that could follow children through and beyond preschool age, the Adventure Series. This series began with 4 sets, #304 Safari, #303 Rescue Truck, #305 Rescue Copter and #306 Sport Plane.

The Safari was the largest of the 4 new sets introduced in 1975. Complete with 19 play pieces, this set could keep children entertained for hours! The people figures used in this set are different from any other people that Fisher-Price had ever made to date because they have a jointed head and jointed arms and legs. These figures have "Fisher-Price" written on the inside of their leg. The animals are very similar to those used in the Little People series, such as the #991 Play Family Circus Train. These animals have jointed arms, legs and head and are very detailed.

Accessories: 19 play pieces:
  • FPT1112 - Goldish-yellow Jeep with a removable rear seat (FPT1119). The jeep makes a motor sound when pushed, and has a spare tire permanently mounted to the hood.
  • FPT1119 - Long brown plastic bench seat that has clip-on ends to attach to side of a truck body. Size: 2-5/16" long x 1-1/8" wide x 1/2" tall.
  • FPT1113 - Orange plastic trailer with an open flatbed top. The tailgate is marked "Fisher-Price Safari" in brown. The trailer rolls on 2 black knobby wheels with red rims. The front of the trailer has a downward-facing male hook.
  • 2 each - FPT1115 - White plastic "wild animal" cage with pillared sides. One end has a flip-down gate with the words "FISHER PRICE" in black lettering; other end has a slatted lift-up gate (non-removable). NOTE: removable flip-down GATE is a separate part number FPT14762 and is listed below. The top of the cage has a hole to allow the giraffe's head and neck to fit through.
  • 2 each - FPT14762 - White rectangular plastic ribbed cage gate that is used with the FPT1115 CAGE listed above.
  • FPT1118 - Red cloth collapsible tent with built-in cots. The tent has metal poles and a green plastic base. The base fits on top of the FPT1113 trailer as a trailer cover. Measures 7-1/4" long x 4-1/4" wide x 4" tall.
  • FPT1116 - Soft gold colored mesh vinyl net that has a red drawstring. The net can be used for storage.
  • FPT1114 - Brown-and-yellow cloth stockade corral fence that is patterned to look like a bamboo fence. The fence fastens together to form an enclosed animal pen, or attaches to slots in the rear of the trailer used in the #304 set. This fence rolls up for storage.
  • FPT1117 - 3-5/8" long brown 4-rung ladder.
  • FPT1120 - Small dark brown movie camera that clips onto shoulders of an Adventure Series figure. The back has 2 rounded shoulder hooks and the front has a triangular stand with a movie camera attached to the top. The movie camera has 2 round reels on top and a long round lense on the front.
  • 4 Adventure Series figures (movable head, arms and legs):
    1. FPT1126 - "Safari Jim" - Tan short-sleeve jumpsuit, wearing a brown cowboy hat, with a brown moustache.
    2. FPT1127 - "Mom" - Yellow short-sleeve jumpsuit with short brown hair.
    3. FPT1128 - "Jody" - Female wearing a green short-sleeve jumpsuit with short blonde hair.
    4. FPT1129 - "Johnny" - Boy wearing a blue short-sleeve jumpsuit with brown hair.
  • Animals:
    1. FPT1123 - Yellow lion with a brown/black mane.
    2. FPT1124 - Orange tiger with black stripes.
    3. FPT1121 - Black gorilla.
    4. FPT1122 - White zebra with black stripes.
    5. FPT1125 - Yellow giraffe with brown spots.
Variations: None.
Other Information: None.
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