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#2557 Little People House
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Description: For nearly thirty years the Fisher-Price Original Little People trilogy was the Little People Garage, Barn, and House. When the Original Little People line was discontinued, this trilogy lived on through the Chunky Little People line. The #930/#2504 Garage sets were replaced with #2553 Chunky Garage set. The #915/#2501 Farm sets were replaced with #2555 Chunky Farm set. When comparing the Original Little People garage sets to the Chunky set, there isn't a drastic difference. When comparing the barn sets, the only offenses are the animals and the huge base. But when comparing the #952/#2551 house sets to the #2557 Chunky house, then there is a really big difference! What happened to the fold-open 2-story house with lots of accessories?

Even though this house doesn't measure up to the traditional Little People House, it does have a few surprisingly cute qualities. It has an outside stairways with a hand crank that makes the Chunky figures "climb" the stairs. It has a chair and attached TV set that changes channels when the figure in the seat is turned, ad there is a reversible two-sided table. The set was sold with three Chunky figures. Designed for children ages 1-1/2 to 5 years old.

Accessories: Please remember that the following accessories are the accessories that are pictured in the Fisher-Price catalogues. These should be used as guidelines only, as other variations may exist.
  • FPT5714 - Small white 2-story house with a blue roof and molded blue carry handle on top with a "Fisher-Price" imprint. The house has a green base, an orange front door that opens and closes, an orange built-in stairway on the side of the house with a blue crank to move a Chunky Little People figure to the second floor. The inside lower level has a living room with a built-in yellow chair and TV set. The TV changes channels when a figure in the chair is turned. The lower level also has a green built-in table with a yellow reversible two-sided table top.
  • FPT5715 - Yellow rectangular plastic single bed with raised sides and a high head and footboard. The headboard is rounded on top and the footboard is squared on top. The bottom edges of the bed sit directly on the ground - no legs.
  • 3 Chunky Little People figures:
    • FPT3709 - Boy with a green body and brown hair.
    • FPT3728 - Girl with a yellow upper peg, blue lower peg body, and red hair in a bun.
    • FPT3720 - Brown dog with large black spots, black ears, black dot eyes, black whisker dots, a black nose, and a mouth with a red tongue hanging out. Dog has a red collar and tag. Marked "©90 F-P" and "CHINA" on the bottom. Made of squeezable PVC plastic.
Variations: None.
Other Information:
  • This set was sold in a 15-3/8" long, 12" high, 10-3/4" deep box.
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