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#2552 Little People McDonald's® Restaurant
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Description: In 1990, Fisher-Price introduced a Little People McDonald's® restaurant set for the Original Little People line. When the Original Little People line was discontinued, the McDonald's® set was modified to accommodate the Chunky Little People figures. The Chunky version is identical to the Original Little People version with the exception of larger holes in the merry-go-round and accessories for the larger figures.

The most likable thing about the McDonald's® set is that the building itself looks like a real McDonald's restaurant with red brick-simulated walls and a brown roof. The base has a separate green pull-out playground with a "gobbling" cheeseburger slide and a milk shake "shaker". The set including a Ronald McDonald figure, a Hamburgler figure, and a cute little "fry cart" on wheels. These figures and fry cart are far more collectable and desirable among collectors than the rest of the set put together. The set uses the same McDonald's® sign and brown trash can that was used in the Original Little People McDonald's® set.

Accessories: Please remember that the following accessories are the accessories that are pictured in the Fisher-Price catalogues. These should be used as guidelines only, as other variations may exist.
  • FPT5748 - Red brick-simulated McDonald's® Restaurant building with a brown roof and large tan base. The roof has a white hinged carry handle on top. The base has a molded-in drive-thru ramp on the left side with a blue pull-handle on the side of base that opens the 2 white drive-thru windows on the McDonald's® building. The front of the base has 2 rounded brick-simulated steps that lead to the 2 white restaurant front doors. Depress the white food pad in front of the doors to make the doors open automatically. This base was sold with a separate green "PLAYGROUND" area with burger and shake rides. The playground slides under the restaurant base. Overall size: 12-3/4" square x 7-3/8" tall.
  • FPT5752 - Green plastic pull-out playground that slides under the FPT5748 McDonald's® Restaurant base. The playground base has a molded-in track for the fry cart (separate part) with molded-in steps leading to the top of the track. The center of the playground base has a yellow spinning merry-go-round with 4 large round seat holes for Chunky Little People figures to fit into. The base also has a "gobbling" cheeseburger slide with a very realistic cheeseburger with 2 white molded eyes on top. When a figure is on the round blue platform/lever in front of the burger, and the lever is pushed down, the burger opens and the figure flies into the burger's mouth. The round platform has a raised edge on the sides. The base also has a white McDonald's® cup with an attached lid and 2 eyes on top. The lid has a large round on top for a Chunky Little People figure to fit in and ride as the "Milk Shake Shaker" wobbles around.
  • FPT5751 - Small blue top, white base one-seat car with a flat hood and base. The car has a white rectangular "grill" on the front. The car rolls on 4 black plastic wheels that are recessed in the center.
  • FPT1207 - Red 1-seat french fry coaster with a yellow McDonald's® sign on 2 sides. The coaster rolls on 4 small black wheels.
  • FPT1208 - Brown plastic upright restaurant style trash can with a rectangular opening on the top of one side to drop "trash" into. The trash can is enclosed on the top and sides.
  • FPT222 - Yellow McDonald's® "golden arches" sign with a red lithograph on both sides marked "McDonald's®" in white. The sign has a short post (3" long) with a square base on the end.
  • 4 Chunky Little People figures:
    • FPT3742 - Ronald McDonald
    • FPT3743 - Hamburgler
    • FPT3700 - Girl with brown hair, red freckles, and a red body.
    • FPT3703 - African-American boy with black molded hair, a light blue upper peg and red lower peg body.
Variations: None.
Other Information:
  • FP255291BOX (BOX ONLY) - Sold in a 20-1/8" long, 16-1/8" high, 9" deep box. WFL: BW
  • Also see 1990's Original Little People #2552 McDonald's® Restaurant.
  • FP255291ACC - Set accessories and figures were originally sold together in a plastic bag.
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