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#2176 Rollin' Dough Pizza
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Description: Making pizzas has never been so much fun! This set includes a tub of pretend pizza crust dough (molding compound) that children can roll, cut, and place in the pizza tin for a perfect crust every time. The set also includes a rolling pin, a pizza cutter, a spatula for serving, a cheese grader, 4 molded pieces of tomato sauce, 4 pieces of pepperoni, and a plate and glass. Designed for children ages 2 to 7 years old.
  • Pizza Dough and Container:
    • FPT11238 - Eight ounces of pretend cookie dough (tan molding compound, similar to clay or Play-Dough).
    • FPT11239 - Large round white container (resembles a Cool Whip container) with pink and blue prints on the sides of a chef rolling cookie dough with cookies and pastries on each side of the chef.
    • FPT11240 - Large round white container lid with pink and blue print on top of cookies and pastries and the words "Fisher-Price".
  • Pizza Fixings:
    • 4 each - FPT11263 - Red triangular molded plastic pizza sauce. The pizza sauce is flat and top molded to look like spread sauce on a pizza. Bottom side of sauce is smooth and has a small imprint marked, "Fisher-Price".
    • 4 each - FPT7249 - Brown plastic pepperoni mound. Each mound has 4 slices of pepperoni molded together.
  • Tools/Utencils:
    • FPT11259 - Wide yellow rolling pin with a small handle on each end. One end of handle is marked, "©93 F-P INC".
    • FPT11260 - Pink pizza crust edger with one round white rotating edger. The pink handle is oval-shaped with a raised oval-shaped edge with a raised "Fisher-Price" imprint.
    • FPT20092 - Aqua-green spatula with an oval-shaped handle. The handle has a large raised "Fisher-Price" imprint in the middle, and a hole on the end of the handle.
    • FPT11262 - White plastic cheese grader with a curved spatula-type head that has holes to make grader cheese. The oval-shaped handle has a "Fisher-Price" imprint and a hole in the end of the handle.
  • FPT11258 - Large round blue pizza plate with slightly curved up edge.
  • FPT11255 - Small round yellow plate with no decorations nor imprint molds.
  • FPT11265 - Pink tumbler glass with scalloped/rounded edges along the bottom. The glass has a smooth rim around the top.
Variations: None.
Other Information:
  • FPT11266 - This set was sold in a 10" long, 11-1/2" high, 2-1/2" deep closed color gift box.
  • This set was also sold in #2175 Rollin' Dough Assortment.
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