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#2119 McDonald's® Cooking Center
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Fry Warmer Light

Description: This is a table-top battery-operated McDonald's® cooking center with a hamburger grill, a fry cooker that "sizzles", and a fry warmer light that really lights up! The set includes lots of realistic accessories for lots of fun play. Designed for children ages 3 to 7 years old.
  • FPT7465 - White tabletop cooking center with a yellow base and brown top. The brown top has a yellow M-shaped (Golden Arches) handle for portability. The center of the cooking center has a hamburger grill, a fry warmer that lights up, and a fry cooker that sizzles.
  • Quarter Pounder with Cheese:
    • FPT7466 - Orange square plastic hinged "styrofoam" Quarter Pounder with Cheese container with a top that lifts up or down to close the container. The container is shaped just like a real Quarter Pounder with Cheese carton used in a McDonald's® restaurant. The top of the carton has a square paper litho with a picture of a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, and the words "McDonald's® Quarter Pounder with Cheese" in yellow. Inside bottom of container has a mold marked, "Fisher-Price" and a heart with 4 "leaves".
    • FPT7044 - Light brown top sesame seed hamburger bun.
    • FPT7022 - Light brown lower hamburger bun.
    • FPT7023 - Dark brown hamburger patty.
    • FPT7042 - Green sliced hamburger pickles (3 slices molded together)
    • FPT7052 - Square yellowish-orange thin slice of cheese.
  • McDonald's® Large Fries:
    • FPT7018 - Red plastic "large fry" container with a yellow "M" and white "McDonald's" within a white square box on the cover.
    • 3 each - FPT7019 - Yellow bundles of plastic french fries molded together. Each bundle has about 6 fries.
  • FPT7017 - Blue rectangular french fry cooking basket with an attached handle on one end marked "Fisher-Price". This looks like real french fry basket that McDonald's® uses in their restraunts.
  • FPT7462 - Blue spatula with a "Fisher-Price" imprint on the handle and a hole on the end of the handle.
Variations: None.
Other Information:
  • FPT7468 - This set was sold in a 13-1/4" long, 14-3/4" high, 7-5/8" deep display box.
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