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~ The Magic Tree by Vulli (featuring the Tree Tots™)
Years Made: Kenner Toy Department
Department 7:

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Description: 'The Magic Tree' made by Vulli in France is the same as the American set by Kenner. The magic tree is the home of the Klorofil family. In 2015, 'The Magic Tree' celebrated a 40th birthday via Vulli re-publishinga collector's version an original edition of the Magic Tree, accompanied by the small and endearing characters of the Klorofil family: Violette, Choupi, Choupette, Sylvain and Youpi the dog.

Vulli went on to make many other playsets featuring characters Americans know as the Tree Tots™.


Elevator w/
fold-down door

(NO litho)



  • KTT1 - Tree House - Plastic "tree" with a brown trunk and green dome-shaped leaf top. Features a carry handle on top for portability and a button under the handle to lift the leaf dome to access the home's interior. The interior features 3 rooms: livingroom, bedroom, and a kitchen, each with decorative lithographs on the walls and floor. The tree trunk has a crank handle on the side that operates an elevator inside the trunk. The elevator is hidden behind a fold-down flap door (often missing) on the tree trunk, and lifts up into the livingroom. The livingroom also features a fold-down staircase w/ sliding board (often broke or missing). The tree trunk rests on a flat green base with an area to attach the dog house and tree swing. The fold-down elevator door is often broken or missing, thus listed individually below:
    • KTT40 - Arched Door - Small brown door with a hole in the center and an arched top. Door has hinges on the bottom edge to attach as a fold-down door.
  • 2-piece Tree Swing:
    • KTT2 - Round yellow single-seat chair with a high backrest. The center of the seat has a raised knob (to help keep figure in place), and each side of the chair has a small rounded knob to attach swing ropes.
    • KTT3 - Green flexable swing ropes (2 "ropes" with center connector bar). One end of each rope has a hook to attach to the tree house base and other end has a loop to attach to the swing chair.
  • 2-piece Dog House:
    • KTT4 - Round green doghouse that is hinged to allow the top half to roll back and allow access to the interior. The bottom inside has a large raised peg.
    • KTT5 - Round brown flat disc with a lithograph on one side featuring a red/black plaid (rounded) dog bed, blue water dish, and a bone.
  • Furniture:
    • 2 each - KTT6 - Bed - Small white rectangular bed with a rounded headboard and an indent in the pillow area (to prevent figure from rolling off the bed).
    • 4 each - KTT7 - Chair - Round white single-seat chair with a high backrest.
    • 1 each - KTT8 - Rocking Chair - Round yellow single-seat chair with a high backrest. Bottom of the base is slightly curved, allowing the chair to rock.
    • 1 each - KTT9 - Couch - Rounded white two-seat couch with a high backrest.
    • 1 each - KTT10 - Coffee Table - Small round yellow table with plus-shaped (+) legs. Top of table has a round red lithograph featuring white flowers with black dot center.
  • KTT11 - Family Car - Yellow top, red base 4-seat car with small black wheels.
  • 5 Tree Tot™ Figures:
    • KTT12 - Dad - Man with brown hair, brown moustache, blue pants, blue/red shirt, red tie, black shoes, and black belt.
    • KTT13 - Mom - Woman with yellow hair in bun wearing a red polka-dot dress with white apron and red shoes.
    • KTT14 - Boy - Boy with yellow hair wearing blue overall shorts and a yellow/red stripe shirt.
    • KTT15 - Girl - Girl with orange hair in pigtails wearing a yellow romper with green lines.
    • KTT16 - Dog - Youpi - White dog with black ears, black spots, and a red collar.
  • KTT17 - Red top, yellow base 4-seat car with small black wheels.
Other Information: None.
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