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The Mysterious Pumpkin by Vulli (featuring the Tree Tots™)
Years Made: Kenner Toy Department
Department 7:

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Description: 'The Mysterious Pumpkin' made by Vulli in France features the same figures Americans know as by Tree Tots™ by Kenner. This set features a delightful pumpkin that opens to reveal a royal castle inside! This royal pumpkin castle includes everything from a Royal Family and horses to royal furniture and 3 mushroom-shaped castle "turrets".


Closed - Front

Closed - Back

Lift-Up Flap

Open - Back View
Fold-down Bridges

Open - Inside View

Throne Room

Dining Hall

Princess on Flower

Elevator & Drawbridge

Mushroom Turret
  • KTT147 - Pumpkin Base - Orange pumpkin with a rounded green base. Top of the pumpkin has a green "flower" and a green "stem" that doubles as a carry handle. The green base is decorated with water and rock lithos in the "moats". Two brown keys on the base opens the pumpkin to reveal the royal castle inside. The inside center features an elevator (spin green flower on top to operate) moving the royal family from the upper bridge to the lower floor that features a drawbridge over the moat. The castle has 4 rooms, each with litho floor designs. Rooms include a stable and dining hall on the lower level and throne room and bedroom on the upper level. The throne room has a lift-up flap to grant access to the outside balcony. The 2 accessory flags double as posts to hold the flap up. The two lower levels have fold-down bridge flaps: large flap for the stable and small flap for dining hall.
  • Removable Attachments:
    • KTT148 - Stable Gate - Brown gate (resembles small ladder) that attaches to the wall inside the stable room.
    • KTT149 - Staircase - Purple curved 4-step staircase (attaches to right side of pumpkin to connect upper outside balcony to lower inside floor.
    • KTT150 - Flower - Purple 6-pedal flower with round peg on the bottom. Flower fits onto inside of pumpkin base (into a hole beside the draw bridge)
    • 3 each - KTT151 - Mushroom turrets - Rounded orange "turret building" with a hole on the bottom (fits into pegs on the Pumpkin base) and a round brown roof on top. One side of the mushroom turret has a door opening, and other side has a window opening.
    • 2 each - KTT152 - Flag - Brown flag with long pole. Flag has a litho of a carrot design.
    • Ladder - KTT153 - Brown 7-rung ladder.
  • Furniture:
    • KTT140 - Dining Table - Brown dining table with a blue litho on top of 4 plate settings and large bowl of spaghetti in the center. The table edges are scalloped. The table stands on 2 wide support legs (one on each long end) with a triangle wedge in bottom center of each.
    • 4 Round Chairs:
      • 3 each - KTT139 - Yellow chair - Round yellow chair with rounded backrest.
      • 1 each - KTT154 - Yellow Royal chair. Round yellow chair with rounded backrest. Top of backrest has a 3 rounded "scallops" (royal design).
    • KTT155 - Yellow Throne - Squared yellow throne with arm rests on the side and a tall backrest. Top edge of the backrest has rounded "scallops (royal design).
    • KTT156 - 2 each - Bed - Purple squared royal bed with molded pillow, scalloped covers, and tall arched head and foot boards. The pillow has a recessed area to prevent figures from rolling off the bed.
  • 2 Horses:
    • KTT157 - Pepper - Brown horse with white eyes, main, and "hooves".
    • KTT158 - Salt - White horse with grey eyes, main, and hooves.
  • 4 Royal Tree Tot™ Figures:
    • KTT159 - King Cédric - Man with dark brown hair, beard and moustache. He wears purple "royal" clothes with gold accents and wearing a gold crown.
    • KTT160 - Queen Petunia - Woman with light brown hair (covered on top and back via white veil around gold crown on head). She wears a dark purple gown with gold and white accents.
    • KTT161 - Princess Amandine - Girl with yellow hair, purple 'tiera' and wearing a sleeveless purple gown.
    • KTT162 - Page Rosemary - Boy with yellow hair wearing a green court Page outfit and hat.
Variations: None.
Other Information: None.
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