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#77703 Little People Floaty Boat
Years Made:
Fisher-Price Toy Department
Department 7:

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Cockpit Equipment

Sleeping Cabin

Description: The Floaty Boat set was originally introduced in 1998-2001 #72556 Floaty Boat, including a young sun-loving boater figure. Apparently, our young boater could not afford the yatch and sold it to an older (more responsible) gentleman. The #77703 includes an older captain figure (complete with parrot on shoulder and telescope in hand). Boat and other accessories are basically the same as the #72556.

This fishing boat set is loads of fun, both on land and in water! The boat has an attached fishing pole on the back, seat for fisherman, and a cockpit with a steering wheel that flips over to a reveal a hidden sleeping cabin. This set also comes with a Little People boater, 2 sea creatures, and a purple hippo that doubles as a float. Designed for children ages 1-1/2 years and older.

  • FPT30649 - Large blue boat with a yellow top that covers the front cockpit and an orange fishing pole on the back. Both sides of the boat have a white and orange life preserver that doubles as knobs to flip the cockpit over to reveal a hidden sleeping cabin. Yellow cockpit roof has a round "seat" on top (sprinkle holes in bottom of seat to pour water inside). Back of boat has a blue fishing chair (by fishing pole) with red fishing tackle box on one side and yellow bag of pretzles on other side. White upright peg on deck beside pretzles doubles as standing platform for figure to stand without falling over. Left side of boat has a small Red/White Fisher-Price awning logo and marked "Little People" in yellow text.
  • FPT4894 - Purple round floating ring with a hippo head, tail, and 4 pegs on edges.
  • FPT4892 - Green squeezable blow fish that squirts water.
  • FPT4893 - Red lobster that doubles as a pouring cup.
  • FPT30650 - Boat Captain - Boat Captain with white hair and moustache, blue jacket and hat, grey pants, and black shoes. Captain has a red parrot on right shoulder and holds a yellow telescope in left hand. Bottom of figure is marked, "©2001 MATTEL, INC. ". Right side of shoe has a red/white Fisher-Price awning logo. Left side of shoe is marked, "Little People" in yellow text.
Variations: None.
Other Information:
  • FP77703SET2002 - This set was sold in full-color display box.
  • FP77703SET2002 - Complete set in box.
  • This set replaced 1998-2001 #72556 Floaty Boat.
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