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#2352 Little People Construction Set
Years Made: Fisher-Price Toy Department
Department 7:

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Description: This is a set of 3 Original Little People construction vehicles and accessories. Each construction vehicle has "spring-loaded" action. The scoop loader has a movable bucket, the bulldozer has a push-down plow, and the dump truck has a tilting dump bed. The set comes with three tireless Little People construction workers to drive the vehicles. The set also includes construction accessories, such as barricades, a pylon, a crate, and more! The vehicles used in this set are the same as those used in 1980-1984's #398 Little Trucks Assortment, minus the fork lift. This one-year-only set was the last set in the Original Little People line to use these construction vehicles. Technically, some of these vehicles were sold again by Fisher-Price, with red bodies, blue wheels, and minus the Little People hole.....these were sold as baby vehicles in 1990's #5641.
  • 3 Construction Vehicles:
    • FPT413 - Orange 1-seat front loader (scoop loader) with a Yellow spring-loaded bucket on the front that moves up and down. Rolls on 4 black knobby wheels.
    • FPT409 - Bulldozer - 1-seat orange bulldozer with a yellow base and a yellow push-down plow on the front. The bulldozer rolls on 4 black knobby wheels.
    • FPT421 - Orange 1-seat dump truck with a Yellow spring-loaded bucket on the back that tilts. Rolls on 4 black knobby wheels.
  • Cargo:
    • FPT263 - Orangish-brown plastic rectanglular crate with no hook on the top. The crate has "wood-slat" sides with 5 verticle "wood boards" on each side and 2 horizontal support "boards" on each side. Has a diagonal mold seam across the top and bottom. Measures 1-1/8" wide, 1-1/8" deep, 1-1/2" tall.
    • FPT260 - 2 each - Round black plastic oil drum with four molded ribs on the sides. Measures 1-1/8" diameter, 1-9/16" tall.
  • Road Signs:
    • FPT232 - Two yellow plastic cone-shaped roadway warning pylons that are attached together near their base with a thin connector strip.
    • FPT231 - 2 each - Yellow plastic road barricade that is shaped like a sawhorse. The barricade has triangular support legs on the ends that connects a yellow rectangular bar together on top. The bar has black warning stripes on sides and the top of the bar is textured.
  • 3 Original Little People Construction Figures:
    • TPP - 2 each - Light blue construction worker wearing an orange construction helmet, and an orange scarf.
    • SPP - Light blue African-American construction workers wearing an orange construction helmet and an orange scarf.
  • FPT420 - Yellow 1-seat dump truck with an Orange spring-loaded bucket on the back that tilts. Rolls on 4 black knobby wheels.
Other Information:
  • Box & Complete Set:
    • FP2352BOX1985 - (Box Only) - This set was sold in a 17" long, 10" high, 2-11/16" deep display box with 4 display windows on the front.
    • FPT30290 - This set was sold with a white molded plastic linder to hold accessory pieces in place (to be viewed via display box windows).
    • FP2352SET1985 - (Complete Set) - Complete set in original display and linder described above.
  • This set replaced 1980-1984's #398 Little Trucks Assortment.
  • There was a set of construction vehicles made in the early 1990's (#5641) that has a bulldozer the exact same size and shape as the one used in this set. The bulldozer used in #5641, however, had no hole for the Little People figure to sit in and the wheels are blue. The #5641 is often confused as a "oops" Little People vehicle.
Please, if you have any information or details about this toy that isn't mentioned above then e-mail us. Thanks!

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