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#2040 Power Workshop
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Description: The Power Workshop includes a battery-operated power drill that work like the real thing! Children can drill the accessory screws into the table-top workbench or accessory pretend wood piece. The power drill comes with accessory drill bits, including a saw, buffer, and more! Requires two AA-size batteries (not included) Designed for children ages 3 to 7 years old.
  • FPT14356 - Red tool caddy with a blue plastic handle bar across the top. Each end of the caddy has a picture of a molded drill. The end supports that hold up the handle bar have a recessed area to hold the accessory wood piece. The inside of the caddy has 2 divider bars, one forming a triangular area, and 2 forming 2 odd-shaped areas. Measures 11-3/4" long, 7-1/4" tall, 5-1/2" wide.
  • FPT14368 - White workbench with 12 holes to "drill" the accessory screws into. Top has a litho marked "Fisher-Price Power Workshop". Has NO vice on the side.
  • FPT22438 - Yellow-Orange power saw/drill handle with a black trigger (to operate the drill) and a silver rectangular litho marked, "Fisher-Price" in black. Bottom of drill has a black sliding (non-removable) battery cover. Requires two AA batteries.
  • Power drill bits that attach to the drill mentioned above:
    • FPT14358 - Silver cylinder-shaped drill bit.
    • FPT14359 - Silver polisher/buffer with a soft white buff pad.
    • FPT14360 - Round yellow socket wrench bit.
    • FPT14361 - Yellow-Orange flathead screwdriver bit.
    • FPT14362 - Blue reciprocating saw bit with a silver saw blade.
  • FPT14363 - Yellow-Orange plastic screwdriver handle that accepts many of the drill attachments sold in this set.
  • FPT14364 - Long yellowish-tan rectangular ruler/level/sawing board.
  • 4 each - FPT14366 - Black plastic threaded bolt (resembles screw).
  • 4 each - FPT14367 - Silver plastic threaded bolt (resembles screw).
Variations: None.
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